Alternative Finance

Pac Pro Funding specializes in capital advisory services specifically tailored to the unique needs of clients that are seeking financing, including real estate, operational, or transaction funding, for their niche enterprises. Our firm maintains close working relationships with funding sources via our vast network of investors and capital providers to procure financing options for clients'  specialized businesses.

Entertainment Finance

Television Finance

  • Production Finance
  • Content Creation
  • Reality Shows

Film Finance

Pacific Production Funding, a wholly owned subsidiary of Pacific Capital Partners, provides funding for production and distribution of film, as well as TV and videogame projects, with industry-specific programs implemented by industry veterans.
  • Film Production Finance
  • Film Distribution Finance
  • Tax Credit Finance

Music Finance

  • Production Finance
  • Catalog Finance
  • Label Finance

Debt & Equity Capital for ​Real Estate, Project Finance, and Strategic Mergers & Acquisitions

High-profile examples of sensational growth and profitability are well documented in film, television, music, videogames, sports, and other media businesses. However, one factor still holds the power to limit growth: a  company's lack of access to banking and financial services.

As an owner or prospective owner of a media/entertainment business knows, finding and maintaining funding for a specialized-industry business is a difficult process. Many banks refuse to provide loans for completely legitimate businesses due to lack of familiarity or understanding of industry nuances, and banks may shy away from the accounts of those in the businesses as well. However, there are alternative funding options for operating and growing businesses in these exciting yet challenging industries.

Special Projects

Check back for updates on unique, exciting, cutting-edge projects that will disrupt industries and create historic investment opportunities. 

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Tailored Financing Strategies For Industry-Specific Funding Needs

Real Estate Acquisition

Production, Distribution, and Other Facilities

Project Finance

Film, TV, Music, Sports and Other Projects

Strategic M&A

Seizing Opportunities in Fragmented Markets

What does the current financial environment mean for business owners? Typically denied loans, closed bank accounts, and even the loss of the ability to use major credit cards. Many banks are still reluctant to invest in specialized business segments, which are difficult to manage or liquidate if a borrower defaults on a loan. For now, many businesses need to pursue different financing options.

Pacific Capital Partners provides capital advisory services and debt and equity placements to a broad array of clients in these industries.

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