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If you're interested in becoming an approved agent, we highly recommend first reading through all of the FAQs listed below, and gaining an understanding of our program prior to filling out the form below. Please note: We do not accept property submissions from agents who have not yet been accepted into our agent network.

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What is your Real Estate Agent Referral Program?

We partner with high-caliber agents throughout the nation to not only find great investment opportunities for us, but also to partner with us on the disposition of the asset once it is renovated and placed back on the market.

How does the program work?

Pacific Capital Partners has an in-house agent and an in-house Acquisitions Department. Our in-house agent hand-selects high-caliber agents throughout the nation to partner with him in finding attractive acquisition opportunities in their respective markets. Once an agent is vetted and has signed a Referral Agreement, he/she becomes one of our referral agents in our network. Any property that is procured by that agent and presented to our Acquisitions Department for review, qualifies for a commission if the property is purchased by Pacific Capital Partners and escrow closes. The referral agent (or agent's broker) is responsible for paying a 25% referral fee of the total buy-side commission to our in-house agent when the sale is consummated.

Once a property is renovated and ready to be placed back on market for disposition, the same referral agent participates in the back-end listing. Generally speaking, Pacific Capital Partners will sign an Exclusive Listing Agreement with the referral agent and offer a total commission of 5%. Again, upon the consummation of sale, the referral agent (or agent's broker) is responsible for paying a 25% referral fee of the total sell-side commission to our in-house agent. 

How do you vet and accept agents into your network?

Who we are in business with matters. At baseline, we want to make sure that not only is an agent's license in good standing, but that they are market leaders in their respective communities with years of keen insight on key neighborhoods. It is also more important to us that we do continued business with a few agents that have access to many properties, than it is to do business with a lot of agents with a few properties each. Beyond that, due to the reciprocal nature of the referral program, it is as important, if not even more important, that the in-network agents are certified luxury professionals that have the marketing savvy and expertise to properly represent our high-end homes on the back-end resale. We may also decline new agents from becoming in-network, if we're already satisfied in a certain market with existing agent relationships, if we're no longer active in certain markets, or if we're not interested or have not yet entered certain markets.

How do I sign the Referral Agreement?

Once an agent is vetted, our in-house real estate agent will send out the Referral Agreement for review and signature. Any properties submitted by the agent shall not be reviewed until the Referral Agreement is signed.

Can I still submit a property if I have not signed a referral agreement?

Agents not in the referral network are free to submit offers, but without a referral agreement in place, we do not promise to review the submitted information, identify the agent as the procuring cause of submitted property, or promise any commissions on the front-end or back-end sale of the property.


What is your Property Submission Process?

Inside the Agent Portal, agents will find a quick and convenient way to submit properties for review. The 3-step process will guide you through:

1. Property Qualification

2. Investment Qualification

3. Transaction Qualification

What is the Property Qualification Stage?

The first thing we ask for is the property address and parcel number only. Before disclosing any other information to us, we want to make sure that (a) the property is within the MLS/zip code parameters we are currently engaging with, and (b) that the property has not already been submitted by another agent. Our system will immediately track the address and APN across our database. If the property qualifies, you will instantly be notified that you are the "procuring cause" for that opportunity, and you'll be prompted to proceed with the submission.

What is the Investment Qualification Stage?

In the Investment Qualification portion of the submission, you'll be prompted to enter some key OBJECTIVE property information, including number of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, asking price, etc. The only SUBJECTIVE field you will enter is arguably the most important, and that is the After-Repair-Value (ARV). Based on your diligence of the best comps available, as well as your in-depth market knowledge, you'll provide your best ARV opinion.

Our proprietary software will immediately analyze the information provided, and give you an immediate response if the property clears our return-on-investment (ROI) threshold. This could be an absolute YES, NO, or if it's questionable, it may ask your opinion if the property can be sold at lower than asking. If it looks like an opportunity we'd like to pursue, you'll be prompted to enter the Property Qualification Stage.

Please note that when we purchase a property, renovate it, and eventually sell it, our system will take the eventual sales price and match it against the original ARV provided by the agent for accuracy. This will, in turn, create an ongoing rating system of all of our agents in the network. The higher you rank, the more we come back for more.

What is the Transaction Qualification Stage?

If you've reached this stage, it means we definitely want to get on the phone with you as soon as possible. In the Property Qualification Stage, you'll simply add final notes and talking points that make your deal stand out. This may include particulars as to the Seller's situation, underutilization of the lot size, insights into the specific submarket, or anything that puts a little "hair on the deal". Once submitted, our team will contact you as soon as possible to discuss the particulars in detail.


What can I find in your Resource Center?

In the Resource Center, you'll find everything Pacific Capital Partners requires to properly proceed with an offer. Based on where your located, you'll have access to local market and property criteria, as well as our standard Residential Purchase Agreement (RPA) Terms. In addition, once you've presented a property we want to move forward on,  you'll receive restricted access to everything we consider mandatory to present with every offer, including our company's Proof of Funds, Approval Letter, Operating Agreement, and Articles of Incorporation.

How do I track deals?

Once we're moving forward on a deal (or deals) with you, you'll have restricted access to follow the progress of your deals on our Agent Portal. As most properties you've procured are referred back to you on resale, we want you to know exactly what percentage of the construction/development process is done, and when we estimate a property is ready for pre-sale and to go market.