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    Extraordinary Real Estate in Prime Markets Nationally

Our Acquisition & Development Division identifies, acquires, redevelops and sells real estate in some of the most dynamic communities nationwide. Leveraging over 150 years of aggregate experience of its management team, Pacific Capital Partners has dramatically grown our A&D Division since 2019, focusing and capitalizing on value-added real estate  opportunities, primarily in multi-family and luxury SFR as principal/operator within key MSA's.

With our long-standing presence in key markets, our regional specialists possess decades of hands-on experience, intimate local market knowledge and an extensive network of relationships with business, investment, and real estate professionals, lending sources and general contractors. This depth of experience and expertise provides our A&D Division with a competitive advantage in identifying and closing attractive investments both on and off-market.  Our in-house expertise enables us to determine how to add value both effectively and efficiently. This knowledge and experience helps to reduce investment risk and enable us to make timely and profitable  dispositions.

Division Overview



Market Analysis

With decades of combined experience, data-driven feeds, analysis of market trends and deep relationships with seasoned agents, asset managers and wholesalers in luxury residential markets, we know where to look to source the right opportunities.

Property Analysis

Opportunities are assessed instantaneously through our expedited 5-Tier Pipeline process. From proprietary analytics that pinpoint ROIs, to an immediate walk-through inspection to manage the variables, the due diligence that takes others weeks to complete, takes us mere days. 


Integrated Systems

From finance and communications to project management, the A&D Division leverages a cutting-edge cloud-based technology platform that seamlessly integrates all major management functions and creates critical efficiencies over broad business functions and geographies.

Project Management

Multiple project and property management over diverse geographies, detailed time and task management, real-time communication and collaboration, Gantt chart analysis, and expert supervision allow for efficient procedures and high quality, on-time, on-budget project operation and delivery.


Design & Architecture

With a discerning eye for contemporary design and craftmanship, our team of seasoned industry professionals creates high-end, comprehensive style guides to match the asset with the vision. All the while, analyzing what is aesthetically pleasing, what is worth keeping and what is structurally sound -- collectively bringing the right balance between renovation vs. restoration.

Construction & Vendor Logistics

We run highly-skilled construction crews, both internal and external, and source quality materials from decades-old vendor relationships for fast, efficient, high-quality production.  By utilizing economies of scale and budgetary controls, we keep costs down and profits up. 



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