John Yarbrough
​Executive Managing Director

John Yarbrough is the Co-Founder and Executive Managing Director of Pacific Capital Partners. He is the chief executive of the firm, overseeing all divisions and lines of business of the company, and chairman of the Management and Finance Committees. Prior to founding the firm, John spent the early part of his career as a Senior Banker and Financial Advisor for several notable banks and Wall Street firms, serving as Senior Vice President and lead relationship manager for some of the top clients at Citigroup, originating and managing billions of dollars in relationships and transactions, and Managing Director at Wells Fargo Bank, working closely with the largest business and real estate clients of the Bank.  John is also a highly experienced real estate developer. 

John holds a bachelor’s degree with honors from Arizona State University, where he played running back for the Rose Bowl champion Sun Devil football team. He is a long-time resident of Beverly Hills, and enjoys sports, travel,  community development, and politics, having served as Finance Director and Senior Strategy Advisor for two U.S. Congressional election campaigns.