Making a Dream, a Reality

Small business owners embark on what is, for many, the most exciting challenge of their lives - pursuing the dream of owning a successful business. With the proper planning and resources, budding entrepreneurs can realize the dream - and avoid potential nightmares. Pacific Capital Partners offers the tools, strategies, and financial resources to help avoid those sleepless nights, and put you on the path to success.

Services for Small Business


Do you need a business entity? Which is the right one? How and where do you form it? The questions can be confusing, but the answers are important - and we have them.

Website Design

In the digital age, business is increasingly transacted on the world wide web, and if you're not up to speed, you'll be left behind. A website, with marketing and e-commerce, is a must.

Accounting and Tax

The most critical function of business is knowing how much you're making and spending, from where and on what. And the largest business expense you will pay is - taxes.


The number one reason why young businesses fail? Undercapitalization-running out of money. The options for financing can be overwhelming and elusive - but we can guide the way.


You know your product or service is great, but how will the world know? The right marketing strategies  - at the right time, and with the right cost - can get your business noticed.


Running a small business means wearing a lot of hats, and herding a lot of cats. The right systems, policies, and procedures can make the difference between frustration and success.

The path to small business success is fraught with peril...
​...largely due to avoidable issues, poor decision making, and circumstances unforeseen from lack of experience.


Little demand for product or service Product trending toward obsolescence

Substandard operational controls


Weak leadership, lack of vision

Poor recruiting and training

Inappropriate employee behavior


Insufficient start-up capital

Lack of access to new capital

Inadequate financial controls


Lack of market awareness

Off-target messaging

Insufficient marketing resources

Job #1: Make Sure That You Have Access To Adequate Capital

The number one reason that early stage businesses fail (other than choosing a flawed business idea) is undercapitalization. How does an entrepreneur avoid this often fatal error?

Financial Planning and Management

Before opening your first store or taking your first order, be sure that you have taken the requisite steps to create a documented business plan, with an eye on financial budgeting and controls. Construct a smart, realistic, and viable plan - and stick to it.

Adequate Access to Capital

Whether it is personal savings, capital carried over from another endeavor, a loan or line of credit, raised investment capital, or a loan from dad, ensure that you have sufficient available capital to carry your business through the early pre-profit months - or years.

Small Business Services

Veterans' Services

Our Commitment

We owe each and every member of our Armed Forces a debt of gratitude for their selfless commitment to our safety and freedom. And we owe them a welcome home. Pacific Capital Partners is committed to contributing to a safe and supported transition to civilian life for all of our returning veterans and their families.

John Yarbrough

Executive Managing Director

Pacific Capital Partners

VA Loan Welcome Home Program

Offering veterans returning from service an opportunity to purchase a freshly remodeled home of their own - with no down payment and no mortgage payments for the first year.

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Pacific Capital Partners is committed to helping small business entrepreneurs all across the country achieve their dreams and experience the pride of successful small business ownership. We have the tools, resources, experience, financial partners, and gratitude for the good fortune that we have enjoyed, to share with our entrepreneurial clients in pursuit of their own success.

"I'm a great believer in luck. I find that the harder I work, the more I have of it."

- Thomas Jefferson